All visits $0 for Surest™ members


Get help for your health conditions right from your phone.

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All visits $0 for Surest™ members

Uncomplicate your healthcare with K Health

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$0. Period.

You deserve high-quality care for your new or ongoing medical conditions. Connect with a doctor at no cost to you.

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Healthcare on your time

Chat with a doctor in minutes, get prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy, and get lab tests and imaging when needed.

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The care you need

We treat over 300 conditions, making it easy to manage your routine Primary Care and Urgent Care needs.

We’re here when your doctor isn’t

Primary Care and Chronic Condition Management

Stay ahead of your health with preventative visits and day-to-day support.

24/7 Urgent Care

Nights, weekends, or any day of the week. Treatment from world-class clinicians right from your phone.

Mental Health

Manage your anxiety and depression online, and get a custom treatment plan.

Prescription Refills

K Health clinicians can send rapid prescription refills and new refills to your local pharmacy.

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Take control of your health

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$0 for high-quality care

With your Surest™ plan, routine primary care, urgent care, and chronic condition care from a licensed clinician is always $0.

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Make it easy to manage your whole health

Our medical team delivers comprehensive primary care—virtually, on your time. Get help managing chronic conditions, reaching your lifestyle goals, or streamlining your medication regimen.

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Acute Sinusitis

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Upper Respiratory Infection

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Check your symptoms the smarter way

Compare your symptoms to others with our smart Symptom Checker. If you want to chat with a clinician, your results will help them get you care fast.

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From UTIs to dental infections, we got you 24/7

and hundreds more chronic and urgent conditions

Stephanie Foley, MD

Stephanie Foley, MD

Zehavi Horowitz-Kugler, MD

Zehavi Horowitz-Kugler, MD

Heather Martin, DO

Heather Martin, DO

Neil Brown, MD

Neil Brown, MD

Meet your care team

See a medical provider you trust

  • Our licensed providers were trained at top-tier medical institutions

  • They use advanced health AI technology to provide you with personalized care

  • And they’re available 24/7, just a text away

Meet your care team

Frequently asked questions

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Who can receive treatment from K Health?

All medically enrolled Surest™ members and their adult dependents are eligible for $0 Primary Care and Urgent Care visits.

Medical providers practicing on the K Health platform can treat eligible Surest™ members within all U.S. states except for Hawaii or Alaska, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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How much does K Health cost?

Surest™ members and adult dependents have access to K Health for $0. Period.

Through your Surest™ benefits, you pay $0 for:
– Unlimited text-based visits with medical providers for Primary Care and Urgent Care*
– Treatment for over 300 conditions including anxiety and depression
– Easy prescription management and refills with low costs

*24/7 Urgent Care is available for adults ages 18+ in all 48 continental US states. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

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What conditions do you treat?

The licensed clinicians practicing on the K Health platform are available via chat and can diagnose more than 300 conditions, prescribe medication for treatment, issue prescription refills, and more.

Clinicians can treat most things you might see an in-person primary care doctor for, including cold and flu symptoms, UTIs, allergies, headaches, rashes, sinusitis, abdominal pain, fatigue, and mental health conditions. Learn more about what we can and cannot treat.

There are sometimes instances when we recommend you see a doctor in person, but K Health-affiliated clinicians can help assess the severity of your condition and provide guidance on what to do next. For example, ear infections and strep throat are two common conditions that require an in-person consultation for diagnosis.

We also don’t treat women with pregnancy-related symptoms or anyone with orthopedic concerns.

We don’t prescribe controlled substances or other high-risk medications that are subject to abuse. Learn more about our Medical Policies.

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Can I get a prescription online through the K Health app?

Yes! If a clinician practicing on the K Health Platform decides you need a prescription, they’ll send it to your local pharmacy, or we may be able to mail it to your door.

Learn more about what we treat and our refill policy.

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Can you get anxiety and depression medication online?

Yes! K Health offers anxiety and depression medication prescriptions online as part of your Surest™ benefits. Complete our online assessment and chat with a clinician to get diagnosed and prescribed medication, if clinically appropriate.

K Health-affiliated clinicians can’t prescribe Xanax or any other controlled substance for anxiety treatment, but there are other prescriptions to treat anxiety that clinicians can prescribe. You can chat with a clinician to put together a treatment plan, then check in regularly to make sure it’s working for you.

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Can the clinician order lab tests or imaging?

Yes, clinicians practicing on the K Health platform can order lab tests and imaging as needed. A clinician will be able to follow up with you afterward about your results and answer any questions you may have.

Please note: The cost of these tests are not included in the cost of your virtual visit.

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How do I use the Symptom Checker?

It’s easy! Once you create your K Health account and download the K Health app, select “Get treatment now” on the home screen and the app will ask a series of questions to determine what your symptoms mean based on millions of similar patients. Then, you can chat with a doctor to get prescription treatment if needed.

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What happens if the clinician recommends that I see someone in person?

While excellent medical care can be administered remotely, depending on your symptoms, your medical team may recommend that you seek in-person care.

For example, we can’t treat orthopedic conditions remotely, and occasionally conditions like strep throat require an in-person lab test. We’ll always work with you to try and find the right doctor in your area to make things as easy as possible.